The best way to Repair service iPhones And iPods For $100 One hour?

“$100 an hour or so? Really?” Yep, and it is not anything you assume. The talents just take a gradual hand, the pieces are smaller and sensitive, but my son who may have fingers the size of modest hams will it. When people listen to “iPhone Repair”, they assume: “I’ll have to know electronics difficulties shooting” – NOT! OR they think: “It’ll consider me permanently to learn to carry out that” NOT! It is really just an awesome market with huge desire, best iphone x screen protector  and cheap for getting started out.

Do you know it charge $16,000 and normally takes one,500 hrs to become a BARBER? Now honestly, you should not you believe most barbers make like $12 to $20 an hour or so – right? Let’s say, having a couple of hrs of exercise, you could possibly find out the iphone restore asked for 90% on the time? You can. Let’s say you can then get $45 to $99 for that maintenance? You’ll be able to. What if you are able to get your mend time down to ten minutes or less? You may. The number of repairs are you able to do within an hour? What if you probably did six? You can. Let’s say you averaged about $40 for every maintenance? You’ll. What is actually the maths? $40 x six = $240 in an hour. You could see $100 an hour or so is de facto possible. But let us get real, Okay?

What’s “realistic?” Identical to you will discover people who will take in a hundred forty five sizzling dogs (or some thing like that) within an hour, it really is not likely you’ll constantly make $100 one hour repairing iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Why? Since you’ve got to carry out some marketing and advertising to find the fix requests to come back in, program them, and afterwards go to them. 5 each day is well accomplished, and is particularly about $50,000 a calendar year. ten daily? About $100,000. How is definitely the demand created? Folks sit on or fall the apple iphone all of the time. We’ve got had repeat customers – we correct the glass, and three months afterwards they need to have it carried out once again! AND referral organization – this matter is incredible! Apple doesn’t warrant broken glass, even though you receive the prolonged guarantee, and they get $200 to $250 to fix it.

The true secret into the company? Condense the maintenance requests, or to obtain a “station” or series of stations in which you will be on a standard routine. Swap Meets and Flea Marketplaces are excellent. You’ll be able to lease a brick and mortar area, but that may be overhead. You will require this kind of small space, you might conveniently assist an additional enterprise with their rent for just a tiny little bit of place and also a indicator in the window. Otherwise you can do terrific signage over a van, and established a schedule up so you might be at these and this kind of Wal-Mart for two hrs on each Thursday, from one to three pm (or whatsoever). Need for the broken or shattered glass restore is huge and exploding. It is really a

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